MIG Welders

MIG Welders

You won't have to shop anywhere other than Eastwood to find a full selection of MIG welders for sale along with pro MIG welding accessories. Yes, they're sometimes called wire-feed welders, but whichever term you use, the best MIG welder for your welding technique can be found here at Eastwood. It's a must-have shop tool for automotive refinishing, whether you're doing weekend DIY welding or day-in, day-out professional shop work. If you're looking for the absolute top-of-the-line MIG welders, check out the Lincoln Electric® models we offer. For the best overall value for your dollar, check out all our Eastwood industrial-quality MIG welders, all at DIYer prices!

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  1. MIG Welder 250 Amps

    MIG Welder 250 Amps

    Regular Price: $899.99

    Special Price $719.99

    Powerful, lightweight 250 amp MIG welder at a DIY friendly price. Learn More
  2. Eastwood MIG 135 Welder

    Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp

    Regular Price: $349.99

    Special Price $279.99

    25-135 Amp infinite control allows you to weld up to 3/16 in. steel with 120v input. Learn More
  3. Eastwood MIG 135 Welder and Cart

    MIG Welder 135 Amp and Cart Kit


    Save when you get our MIG 135 with Cart -- low DIY price Learn More
  4. Eastwood's MIG135 and Versa Cut Plasma Cutter

    MIG Welder 135 And Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter 40


    Save when you buy them as a set for all your welding and cutting jobs Learn More

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