Quality Welding Parts and Accessories

Worry not — you'll find your welder parts here for your Eastwood welding equipment! These welding accessories include the replacement welding machine parts you need for our MIG 135 and MIG 175 welders, TIG 200 welders, and our Versa-Cut 40 and Versa-Cut 60 plasma cutters. You'll also find consumables like flux-core wire and solid wire for our MIG welders; tungsten rods for TIG welding carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum; and TIG wire for steel. Some of the chemicals available include Anti-Heat Compound and Cold Shield Thermal Paste. Browse this whole section for all the welding parts and accessories you'll need.

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Plasma Cut 20 Electrodes (5pk)
Only $19.99
10 replacement nozzles for Eastwood's Versa-Cut 40 & 60 Plasma Cutters

Only $20.78

Sale $19.99

0.8mm Plasma Cutter Tip
Only $19.99
Eastwood Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter Cover
Only $19.99
Eastwood Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Cover
Only $19.99
Replacement adapter cord for Eastwood's Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter
Only $17.48
Replacement external nozzle for Eastwood's Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter
Only $13.63
2 replacement nozzles for TIG Spot Weld Kit #14150
Only $10.69
MIG250 Spot Weld Nozzles 2pc

Only $14.99

Sale $12.74

Keeps electrode the correct distance off the workpiece to make spot welds
Only $10.48
Use this 0.030" solid MIG wire with our 0.030" contact tips #12224
Only $15.57
Use this 0.023" solid MIG wire with our 0.025" contact tips #12211
Only $15.57
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