MIG Welder Parts & Consumables

MIG welding is easy to do and has nearly unlimited applications. Eastwood can supply everything you need to keep the MIG wire turning, whether you have one of our MIG 135 or MIG 175 welders, or another brand. We've got flux-core wire and solid wire, replacement tips, new drive rollers, complete torches and accessories. We even carry spool guns for aluminum wire feed, and gas regulators to convert out 135 and 175 welders. Plus we've got chemicals like Anti-Heat Compound and Cold Shield Thermal Paste. Browse this whole section for all your MIG welding parts and accessories.

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One gauge can regulate CO2 and argon for our MIG welders
Only $34.01
0.030" flux-core wire, 5 contact tips, MIG welding pliers
Only $41.18
0.023" solid wire, 5 contact tips, MIG welding pliers
Only $30.88
Replacement drive roller for our MIG 135 Welder #12011
Only $7.76
V-groove for 0.023" solid wire; knurled for 0.030"-0.035" flux core
Only $9.06
Perfect for using when plug welding 20-ga. sheet metal
Only $7.76
Keeps electrode the correct distance off the workpiece to make spot welds
Only $10.48
Now spot-weld with your Eastwood welder or Tweco®-style MIG torch

Starting at: $7.76

Replacement keyway-style drive roller for the MIG 135 #12011
Only $7.76
MIG250 Contact Tips 0.035 5pk
Only $6.47
MIG250 Spot Weld Nozzles 2pc

Only $14.99

Sale $12.99

MIG250 Contact Tips 0.023 5pk
Only $6.47
MIG250 Drive Roller 0.023 and 0.030
Only $9.99
MIG250 Torch
Only $99.99
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