Welding Safety and Protection

    Welding and metal fabrication are serious jobs that require you to rely heavily on proper welding safety equipment. At Eastwood you'll find a wide variety of auto-darkening welding helmets (that adjust from clear to dark in under 1 second) as well as supple leather heat-resistant gloves. Master Welding Kits are also available, with all the welding safety essentials and some welding tools you'll need, all for one low price. You'll also want to consider our flame-resistant welding jacket for additional welding safety protection. Once you've protected your body, get our fiberglass welding blanket to protect nearby materials against hot spatters.

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    100% cotton jacket is flame-resistant, anti-static, and mildew-resistant

    Starting at: $33.99

    3-pc. accessory kit includes helmet, gloves and MIG pliers
    Only $79.99
    LED light helps you see what you're welding in tight, dark areas

    Only $31.99

    Sale $29.99

    Medium pro-grade welding gloves, MIG pliers, 4 Intergrip panel clamps
    Only $52.99
    Large pro-grade welding gloves, MIG pliers, 4 Intergrip panel clamps
    Only $52.99
    Stops most hot spatter from burning nearby materials during welding
    Only $45.57
    Shade adjustment from #9-#13, with 3.6" x 1.7" viewing area

    Only $59.99

    Sale $52.99

    Shade adjustment from #9-#13, with a big 3.6" x 2.6" viewing area

    Only $84.99

    Sale $79.99

    From clear to a dark #11 shade in under 1 second

    Only $39.99

    Sale $37.99

    Oil- and flame-resistant masks includes exhalation valve
    Only $22.99
    Gen X Black Asp welding helmet
    Only $109.99
    Provides killer graphics and excellent peripheral vision
    Only $179.99
    Front Lens protector 5 pack X and Y
    Only $21.19
    American Eagle Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
    Only $79.99
    Eastwood welding helmet

    Only $89.24

    Sale $79.99

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