Arc and Gas Welders

Different metals and different jobs call for different welding techniques. Whether you are welding with a torch, a stick or flux core wire Eastwood has what you need. We can set you up with a complete kit with goggles, torch, hoses, regulators and more. All you need to supply are the tanks and gasses. Need replacement tips or welding rods? We've got those too.

Need a professional quality unit that can handle a wide variety of arc welding jobs? Eastwood has a 220-volt 200-amp unit that can do stick welding, wire feed MIG, flux core wire, and even aluminum with the optional spool gun, all in a size small enough to take to a job site.

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Includes Victor-style torch preferred by the pros

Only $159.99

Sale $139.99

Do MIG, stick and flux core welding with 1 professional unit

Only $699.99

Sale $499.88

1/16" rods are ideal for welding light sheet metal to 3/16" steel
Only $21.19
#1 gas welding cutting nozzle
Only $6.47
#1 gas welding tip
Only $6.47
#2 gas welding tip
Only $6.47
#3 gas welding tip
Only $6.47
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