Arc and Gas Welders

Eastwood ARC 80, ARC 200 Welders and Oxy-Acetlyene Welding

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ARC 80 Inverter Stick Welder

Only $179.99

Sale $165.97

Eastwood ARC200i Welder. Weld thin or heavy gauge steel up to 3/8” with precision and ease.

Only $279.99

Sale $249.97

Eastwood ARC200i Stick Welder and TIG Welding Torch

Starting at: $339.96

This MultiProcess Inverter welder provides the ability to MIG, TIG or ARC weld

Starting at: $999.99

Light weight inverter based stick welder

Starting at: $255.96

MIG, Stick or TIG welding all from a single compact, space-saving, “one machine does it all” unit. variable control knobs

Only $699.99

Sale $599.97

DHC 2000 Pro Master Kit – Gas Welding Torch
Only $599.99
1/16" rods are ideal for welding light sheet metal to 3/16" steel
Only $22.99
AC Stick Welder LEW K1170 Ships from the vendor, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery
Only $419.99
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Different metals and different jobs call for different welding techniques. Whether you are welding with a torch, a stick or flux core wire Eastwood has what you need. We can set you up with a complete kit with goggles, torch, hoses, regulators and more. All you need to supply are the tanks and gasses. Need replacement tips or welding rods? We've got those too.

Need a professional quality unit that can handle a wide variety of arc welding jobs? Eastwood has a 220-volt 200-amp unit that can do stick welding, wire feed MIG, flux core wire, and even aluminum with the optional spool gun, all in a size small enough to take to a job site.

Why torch weld instead of MIG or TIG unit?

MIG and TIG welding have their uses, but you just can’t beat torch welding for portability. Getting a small MIG welder out to the field for a repair may not be hard, but without electricity it’s useless. Another advantage of oxy-acetylene torch welding is that the weld is softer, so it is less brittle in application where strength is an issue, as well as more easily drilled, tapped and machined. Click here for OXY-ACETYLENE WELDING FAQ


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