Welding Accessories

Welders without welding accessories just won't "cut" it! You can have the best welding gear around, but you need the best welding supplies to ensure a safe, easy, professional welding job every time. You'll find those metalworking tools here at Eastwood! They include leather welding gloves that make working with metal safer for your hands, chemicals for better metal prep, protective jackets and auto-darkening welding helmets, safety items, clamps and welding rods... there's so much more, you'll want to browse through this whole section for practical welding equipment that will make your work easier, neater, faster and more efficient.

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Stops most hot spatter from burning nearby materials during welding
Only $45.57
LED light helps you see what you're welding in tight, dark areas

Only $31.99

Sale $29.99

Protectant prevents welding spatter from adhering to surrounding metal

Only $10.69

Sale $8.99

Shade adjustment from #9-#13, with 3.6" x 1.7" viewing area

Only $59.99

Sale $52.99

Great for storing your MIG welder for any period of time.

Only $14.99

Sale $12.99

Connector plate for #14106 welding table

Only $57.67

Sale $55.99

deal for low amperage welding in tight spaces
Only $61.79
Aluminum Panel kit

Only $72.09

Sale $69.99

American Eagle Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Only $79.99
Perfect welding extension cord that meets all industry and customer standards.

Only $109.99

Sale $99.99

Great for prepping and cleaning any metal surface before welding.
Only $5.39
Great for cleaning or prepping metal surfaces for welding.

Only $10.69

Sale $9.99

Protect surfaces against welding splatter, sparks or overspray

Only $139.99

Sale $112.88

Corner Magnet kit
Only $29.95
You won't have to plasma-cut with your workpiece on a concrete floor

Starting at: $36.74

Oil- and flame-resistant masks includes exhalation valve
Only $22.99
Promotes formation of alum. oxide to reduce porosity, prevent rust
Only $38.99
Performance Tool 4.5 Inch Angle Grinder
Only $39.99
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