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0.8mm Plasma Cutter Tip

Item #20463 Brand: Eastwood

0.8mm Plasma Cutter Tip

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The 0.8mm plasma tip enables a user to make more precise cuts then what they would normally be capable of with their standard torch and tip.

  • Perfect for cutting sheet metal
  • Makes precise and accurate cuts
  • Uses lower air pressure
  • Creates minimal slag
  • Works with the Eastwood Versa Cut 40 and 60

This tip is perfect for sheet metal cutting where it is necessary to be precise and accurate. This tip enables the use of lower air pressure and results in very little slag or metal prep after the cut is made.

Do not exceed 40amps when using 0.8mm tip.
Optimal use for this tip is for precision cuts of 1/8ā€¯material or thinner.

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About 0.8mm Plasma Cutter Tip

These are replacement tips for the Eastwood Versa-Cut 40 and 60. These are not compatible with the Versa-Cut 20 torch. Tip is for CB50-70 Trafimet torches. 0.8mm orifice.


10 pieces of 0.8mm Plasma Tip


Always follow manufacturers instructions for proper safety requirements when performing welding or cutting tasks.




Used on both the Plasma Cut 40 and 60

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