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Eastwood 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Remote

Item #31465 Brand: Eastwood

2000W Pure Sine Inverter w/Remote

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The Eastwood 2000W Automotive Power Inverter is a heavy-duty professional grade piece of equipment designed to bring 120 volt power to any automobile or truck. Features a true sine wave output that is capable of efficiently running a wide variety of devices.

  • 2000W Continuous Power
  • 4000W Peak Power
  • Pure sine wave
  • 3 120v AC Outlet
  • 1 USB Plug 5v DC 2.1Amps
  • ETL Listed

Perfect for camping, the job site, and everywhere in between.This unit must be wired into the electrical system. Not for use in 24v electrical systems.

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About Eastwood 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Remote

Pure Sine Wave Verses Modified Sine Wave

All power inverters convert DC power (which is power stored in batteries) to AC power, which is the power supplied by the electric company and fed to your home. Electronic devices need AC power to operate, but power inverters generally output power in two forms, modified sine wave vs. pure sine wave.

  • • Pure sine is a direct replica of the power in your house, and it’s what all 110 Volt electronic devices are made to run on (i.e. anything with a 2 or 3 prong plug).

  • • The more sensitive the device, the less likely it will work well on a Modified Sine. For example induction plates for cooking won’t run on Modified sine.

  • • Newer devices such as camera batteries, air purifiers, computers, tablets, LED TV’s, power tools, etc. may be damaged over time when used on a modified sine wave.

  • • Pure sine is more efficient. The best example is with boiling 1 cup of water in a microwave: on a pure sine it takes 1 minute, on a modified sine it takes 2. Using less energy means you can use more devices, or save money by installing less solar or batteries.

  • • The biggest benefit is not having to replace sensitive gadgets on a semi-regular basis: Laptop Battery $140; Laptop Charger $80; Milk Frother $100; AA Rechargeable Batts $15

Pure sine wave power flows in even, arching waves, whereas modified sine wave power flows to your devices in chunky, square waves. The square waves are giving power to your device “all or nothing,” so to speak. Your device will run properly, or not. The power is coming through in a less seamless fashion. Gaining power that is flowing in modified sine waves does not come through as clean and efficient—it doesn’t flow to the device as “pure.” The devices will get the power they need to operate, but when it comes to devices like fans, TV’s, radios and lights, they will tend to buzz, as they are running a bit “hotter,” due to the way power flows to them.


One 2000W Inverter


Continuous Power: 2000w
Surge Power: 4000w
Input Voltage Range: 9.5-16v DC
Output Voltage: 120v
Output Frequency: 60Hz
Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave (THD<3%)
Efficiency: 90%
USB Output: 5v DC Max 2.1A
Input Over-Voltage Shutdown: 16v DC ± 0.5v
Input Under-Voltage Shutdown: 9.5v DC ± 0.5v
Input Under-Voltage Alarm: 9.8v DC ± 0.3v
Over-Temperature Protection: 65°C ± 5°C
Overload Protection: 2250w ± 250w
Overload Backup Fuse: Yes
No-Load Currents: 0.9A
Dimension (L x W x H): 435 x 236 x 95mm
Weight: 5.15Kg
Working Temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C - 45°C
Intelligent Cooling: Cooling fan will not run until case temperature reaches approx. 40°C
Recommended Minimum Cable Size @ 10’: 00 AWG


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Always read instructions before using this product and wear proper safety equipment during use.


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