21483 – Large View Welding Helmet Lens Cartridge and Battery Removal

1. Locate and remove the Cheater Lens mounts by pressing the two tangs toward each other then pull the mount away from the Lens Cartridge. These mounts are on both sides of the lens.

2. Once the Cheater Lens mounts have been removed. Locate the Lens Cartridge Locks. Press each tang toward each other, then pull away from the lens for removal.

3. Once the Lens Cartridge Locks are removed, the Cartridge mount tangs can be pushed away from the lens, which will allow the Lens Cartridge to be removed.

4. Once the Lens Cartridge has been removed from the Helmet, the batteries can be removed by sliding the battery covers downward.

5. Install new CR2450 batteries (+) Positive side pointing towards the covers.

6. Repeat the above steps in the reverse order to reinstall the Lens Cartridge into the helmet.