2K Ceramic Chassis Black Paint

Application & Guidelines

2K Ceramic Chassis Black Paint: Application & Guidelines

14145Z Gloss 2K Aerosol Ceramic Chassis Black 12oz
14146Z Satin 2K Aerosol Ceramic Chassis Black 12oz
50429ZP Gloss 2K Ceramic Chassis Black 1 Quart
50430ZP Satin 2K Ceramic Chassis Black 1 Quart
21854Z 4:1 Urethane Activator 1 Half pint


Eastwood’s 2K Ceramic Chassis Black is a super-durable coating that is not only beautiful, but tough as nails. Proprietary formulation imbeds finely ground ceramic nanospheres into a high quality 2K (two component) 4:1 urethane base. Provides a chip and chemical resistant coating, incredible UV resistance, fast dry times and a finish second to none.



This product was designed for and is intended solely for use by trained professionals. Read all warning statements and heed all recommended safety precautions before proceeding.

DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM WITHOUT SUFFICIENT VENTILATION. Users must wear appropriate, properly fitted NIOSH-approved (TC-19c or equivalent) activated charcoal cartridge respirator if a forced fresh-air system is not available. Always wear eye and face protection, as well as gloves and protective clothing. Do not use this product, or be exposed to spray mist / vapors if you have respiratory problems. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.

This system comprises multiple components. Once mixed, this system will have hazards of all components. Read warnings on all packages before opening.



For best results, apply 2K Ceramic Chassis Black over Eastwood’s Epoxy Primer: Strip, sand or blast paint to expose bare metal and remove all traces of surface rust. Clean surface with Eastwood’s PRE (10194ZP, Quart or 10041Z, Aerosol). If any new or smooth metal remains, be sure to abrade surface, then re-clean with PRE or other appropriate solvent product before applying Epoxy Primer in two medium wet coats (with 30 minutes flash between). After 60 minutes flash time, but before four days, primer may be topcoated with 2K Ceramic Chassis Black. If more than four days has passed, surface of Epoxy Primer must be sanded before applying Ceramic Chassis Black topcoat.



Thoroughly mix four parts Ceramic Chassis Black to one part Eastwood 4:1 Urethane Activator (21854Z). Due to the high density ceramic content of this product (nearly four pounds per gallon), significant settling may occur during storage. Shake/stir can to bring all ceramic nanoparticles back into suspension before mixing with activator.

Mix only as much 2K Ceramic Chassis Black as is needed for the immediate job. Pot life of activated mixture is about 2 hours at 70°F.



Ceramic Chassis Black may be applied using an HVLP gun with a 1.3 mm—1.7 mm fluid tip. Apply in two medium wet coats, allowing 15-20 minutes flash between coats. A dry film thickness of 2 mils is recommended. If required for improved flow and leveling, Ceramic Chassis Black may be reduced by up to 10% with a high-quality Urethane-Grade Reducer such as Eastwood’s Zero VOC Reducer (50104ZP).

Ceramic Chassis Black should dry dust-free within 20 minutes. Parts will be ready for reassembly after 24 hours (+/- depending on ambient temperatures). Full chemical resistance develops after three-five days depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

Coating may be forced dry at 120°F for at least 20 minutes, after a five-minute flash period. Wait four-five hours after bake cycle to re-assemble.

If recoating Ceramic Chassis Black after 18-hours, surface must first be abraded to ensure sufficient adhesion.



Make sure all containers are sealed tightly immediately after each use. Gun and equipment may be cleaned with a Gun Wash or other appropriate solvent.



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