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Eastwood 4:1 High Solids Urethane Premium Show Clear Gallon

Eastwood 4:1 High Solids Urethane Premium Show Clear Gallon

Item #15351ZPPKG

Eastwood 4:1 Premium Show Clear Kit 5 quarts 15351ZP
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Eastwood's 4:1 Premium Show Clear is a high solids clearcoat made from superior European resins. It dries fast, with a beautiful gloss and excellent depth of image (DOI). Flows and levels easily with no shrinkage or dieback. Features excellent durability and long lasting UV protection, weathering and everyday wear.

  • High-Solids Formula Builds Quickly
  • Crystal-Clear with Excellent Gloss
  • Excellent Protection and Durability
  • Super Easy to Polish
  • Approximate coverage per gallon: 140 SQ FT
  • Maximum operating temperature: 150 Fahrenheit

Eastwood Premium Show Clear can be applied over Eastwood Single-Stage Urethane or Low-VOC Urethane Basecoats, or other manufacturer’s paints as well. This is a National Rule Compliant system (Clearcoat; Max VOC 4.8 lbs/gallon when mixed 4:1).

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About Eastwood 4:1 High Solids Urethane Premium Show Clear Gallon

Thoroughly mix four parts Premium Show Clear (15351ZP) with one part Activator (15352ZP, 15353ZP or 15354ZP) depending on temperature, size of the job and other factors. 4:1 mixture may be reduced by up to one full part (4:1:1) with a high-quality urethane-grade reducer such as 14158ZP, 14159ZP or 14160ZP, or a Zero-VOC Reducer such as 50104ZP. Reducer will improve sprayability and leveling, but be aware that it will also increase the combined system VOC. For maximum build, do not reduce, or keep reduction to a minimum.

Always choose the proper activator and reducer for the conditions at the time of application and size of the job:

Temp Range Above 80 Degrees F: 15352ZP Slow Activator - 14160ZP Reducer
Temp Range Between 70-80 Degrees F: 15353ZP Medium Activator - 14159ZP Reducer
Temp Range Below 70 Degrees F: 15354ZP Fast Activator - 14158ZP Reducer

HVLP Gun: Fluid Tip 1.3-1.5 mm Inlet Spray Pressure 25-35 psi
Conventional Gravity: Fluid Tip 1.3-1.6 mm Inlet Spray Pressure 45-50 psi
Conventional Siphon: Fluid Tip: 1.4-1.8 mm Inlet Spray Pressure 45-50 psi

Apply Eastwood’s Premium Show Clear in two wet coats, allowing at least 10 minutes flash time between coats (may require more or less depending on temperature, humidity, airflow and other factors at the time of application).

If applying more than three coats, allow the third coat to dry, then abrade the surface to open the film and allow the clear to fully outgass. Once fully cured, sand out any surface imperfections, then apply more coats. This will help provide increased depth and protection. A dry film thickness of approximately 2 mil. is recommended.


Includes 1 gallon of Premium Clear and 1 quart of activator. Activator options 15352 SLOW 80 to 90°F, 15353 MED 70 to 80 F, 15354 FAST 60 to 70 F .


14158ZP Fast Urethane Reducer
14159ZP Medium Urethane Reducer
14160ZP Slow Urethane Reducer
51550 Concours HVLP Paint Gun
10041ZP PRE Painting Prep
11456 Bandit Respirator
20474 4 stage air dryer system

Product Information Sheet

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Always wear proper eye, skin and respiratory protection. Always paint in a well ventilated area away from sparks and open flame. Consult MSDS and product data sheets for proper safety precautions.

Eastwood Offers Free Lifetime Technical Support

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Attention California Residents - Proposition 65

Proposition 65 Warning WARNING - Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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