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40 Amps output cuts up to 3/8" 110/220v input

Only $549.99

Sale $519.97

Add strength and rigidity to your project's sheet metal parts
Only $174.99
30-175 Amp infinite control allows you to weld up to 5/16" steel at 240v input

Only $549.99

Sale $519.97

Industrial Technology that is Powerful, Quiet and Efficient
Only $1,799.99
There is no job too big for this massive Eastwood 40 Gallon Parts Washer
Only $229.99
The Eastwood Elite Hotcoat PCS-1000 will give you the power to perform any powder coating job with professional results.
Only $899.99
Twice the Corrosion Resistance as the Original Rust Encapsulator Formula.

Starting at: $24.99

2 separate bodies: 1 shrinks, 1 stretches... no switching needed
Only $179.99
Better TIG Welds in Seconds! Works with 1/16” and 3/32” tungsten’s

Starting at: $89.97

Design for the Pro or Novice Welder - 10-200 Amp control allows you to weld up to 1/4" steel & Aluminum 110/220v input

Only $749.99

Sale $699.97

Panoramic Welding Helmet is a true 180 degree viewing area.

Only $199.99

Sale $169.97

Eliminate road noise and heat by applying under carpet, door panels, inner firewall and more.

Only $99.99

Sale $69.97

Rated #1 in its class by Truckin' Magazine!
Only $23.99
Stronger-than-it-looks portable stand holds up to 750 lbs.!

Only $36.99

Sale $29.97

Low-profile cutting-head design lets you work the tool into tight areas
Only $149.99
Perfect For The Weekend Enthusiast

Only $66.99

Sale $44.97

Very Bright and Very Versatile Light for Any Use

Only $24.99

Sale $19.97

Remove dents in automotive sheet metal quickly—avoid expensive paint work

Only $69.99

Sale $59.97

Easily align and grip panels for precise butt welds

Only $19.99

Sale $7.97

Magnetically mounted metal trays store frequently needed items within reach
Only $32.99
5.3 amp electric Mini Belt Sander with 1/2" by 18" abrasive belt

Only $47.99

Sale $34.97

Expand the capabilities of your Motorized bead roller
Only $349.99
Compact Metal cutting circular saw that is powerful enough for cutting of rebar, conduit, sheet metal, tubing and plate.

Starting at: $89.97

Silica-free loose absorbent combines the heavier consistency of clay
Only $13.99
Eastwood Black Short Sleeve Front Pocket Do The Job Right T-Shirt

Starting at: $13.99

25-135 Amp infinite control allows you to weld up to 3/16" steel 120v input

Only $329.99

Sale $299.97

Removes silicone, wax, polish, grease; promotes paint/powder adhesion

Starting at: $9.99

Provides all the protection you need at a great price

Only $39.99

Sale $29.99

Eastwood Modular Light System with Underhood Bar

Starting at: $57.94

Eastwood Black Hooded Do The Job Right Sweatshirt

Starting at: $21.99

Eliminate road noise, floor pan vibration and exhaust heat from your vehicle

Only $31.99

Sale $12.57

Stop rust in its tracks! Superior UV Resistance and Convenient Spray Aerosol or Brushable Quarts & Gallons

Starting at: $17.97

3X more resins make it 3X more durable than original Chassis Black

Starting at: $19.99

Eastwood Black Short Sleeve Do The Job Right T-Shirt

Starting at: $8.99

2 Gun Paint and Primer Set

Only $49.99

Sale $42.97

Eastwood COB LED Flexible Work Light

Only $23.99

Sale $17.97

Loosens Rusted, Corroded, Undercoated, Painted and Over Tightened Screws.

Only $19.99

Sale $16.97

Large View True Color Technology One of the best helmets on the market for the price.

Only $77.99

Sale $64.97

Uses only 4.25 CFM @30 PSI

Only $157.99

Sale $109.97

Eastwood Black Long Sleeve Do The Job Right T-Shirt

Starting at: $13.99

Professional Quality Painting with just 4.5 CFM

Only $89.99

Sale $69.97

Eastwood 2020 Calendar
Only $4.99
2 voltage settings allow complete coverage--tight spots to large areas

Only $129.99

Sale $109.97

Apply under the hood and headliner to reduce road noise and heat.
Only $45.99
High Quality Pro-grade Fender Roller eliminates tire rub on lowered vehicles

Only $79.99

Sale $64.97

Keep Your Project Organized with height adjustable Eastwood Rolling Shop Tray

Only $99.99

Sale $79.97

Multi Functional work light with 3 light options and 1 Li-ion rechargeable battery
Only $69.99
Complete Solderless Connector Kit with Crimping Pliers

Only $54.99

Sale $49.97

Brightest 1000 Lumen light output and most energy efficiency

Only $44.99

Sale $34.97

1000 ft/lbs of torque for busting the hardest bolts
Only $109.99
Space Conscious Sized Tear Down Table for any Garage or Shop

Only $99.99

Sale $89.97

Holds 12 full size aerosol cans
Only $24.99
Give your manual bead roller the option of power.
Only $329.99
The Eastwood B60 will give you the professional results that you are looking for.

Starting at: $409.94

Add strength and rigidity to your project's sheet metal parts as deep as 27" from a panels edge.

Only $349.99

Sale $319.97

Professional quality full size HVLP paint gun, without the professional price

Only $179.99

Sale $149.97

Cut perfectly straight lines in up to 3/16" thick metal

Only $124.99

Sale $104.97

Lift & Move Projects or Stored Vehicles with Ease
Only $199.99
Don’t miss a single side of your restoration with an Eastwood 3000 lb Rotisserie
Only $999.99
Painless Classic Customizable Chassis Harness - Key In Dash - 10102
Only $249.99
Manual Choke Vacuum Secondaries-4160
Only $335.95
Bolt-on EFI conversion supports up to 650HP
Only $999.00
Maintains good color hold-out on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, body fillers

Starting at: $121.98

Simply the Best Rust Coating that we have ever offered! 3X The Protection Of Original Encapsulator

Starting at: $22.97

Destroys rust hiding inside chassis so it won't rust through

Starting at: $21.99

HP99F ATK Ford 302 68-74 DROP-IN Engine Complete Assembly
Only $2,884.99
Make strong repairs of damaged plastic parts

Starting at: $109.97

Perfect for sanding, finishing, grinding, sharpening, cleaning, deburring and filing metal
Only $179.99
• 12 Gauge 100% Copper Wire • Weather & Oil Resistant • Flexible and Tangle Free
Only $45.99
Eastwood COB LED Rechargeable Work Light

Only $47.99

Sale $35.97

60 Amps output cuts up to 7/8" 220v input

Only $749.99

Sale $699.97

Astro Pneumatic Tools 7157 Ratcheting Dog Bone Wrench

Only $18.99

Sale $16.98

Astro Pneumatic Tools 9475 450 Piece Automotive Wire Connector Kit

Only $33.99

Sale $29.98

Astro Pneumatic Tools 94221 7" 4pc Internal /External CR-V Snap Ring Pliers

Only $19.99

Sale $16.98

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Eastwood Auto Supplies

Since 1978, DIY auto enthusiasts have relied on Eastwood to help them with their latest project. Our team is more than just people selling tools and supplies. We strive to be a part of the community as well. Our inventory of more than 4,000 car restoration tools, auto paints, metal fabrication equipment and other products is based on both our own experience working on cars and feedback from customers like you. We stock auto restoration supplies and repair equipment that are proven solutions to the challenges our fellow automotive devotees face every day.

Eastwood Tools & Accessories

We have thousands of automotive tools in stock to repair, modify and restore your vehicle. Our Eastwood, Fairmont and Rockwood brand tools are high quality affordable tools for both the DIYer and professional. We also offer nationally recognized brands such as Devilbiss 3M, POR 15, Auto Metal Direct, ATK Engines, PYPES Exhaust and many more. The Eastwood R&D team has developed a number of top-of-the-line tools and accessories as well. Shop today and find metal fab tools, engine tools, electrical tools, suspension tools and other essential shop tools. You'll also find a complete selection of welders for MIG, TIG, Multi-Process, ARC and Gas welding.

Supplies for Bodywork & Repairs

Whether you're fixing your car up for a show or trying to get it back on the road, Eastwood has the answers you need. Our auto body repair supply section includes everything from Paintless dent repair kits, body filler putties, body solder kits, body hammers and dollies so you can do anything from replacing body panels to fixing rust holes. Our huge assortment of automotive paints and painting equipment will get any car looking like new again or give it a custom look. With Eastwood metal fabrication tools and powder coating supplies, you can practically build, repair or customize your car from the ground up.

Everything You Need for Automotive Work

Eastwood is number-one when it comes to automotive tools and solutions online for those who love cars. In addition to our extensive product selection, we offer expert tech advice and service for those who need car care assistance. We are a two-time winner of the Popular Mechanics™ Editor's Choice Award for product design and continue to work tirelessly on in-house development. Everything we sell comes with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee to help you "do the job right."

Shop & Garage Equipment

Over the years, Eastwood has expanded beyond being just a top auto restoration supply store. We also have a large selection of vehicle shop equipment for DIY enthusiasts, professional mechanics and racers. You can order air compressors, bench grinders, part washers, tire changing equipment and anything else you need to work on a vehicle. We designed our own Eastwood welders and abrasive blasters that cost a fraction of other leading machines while still offering the same professional quality.