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Eastwood Concours HVLP Paint Gun. Part # 51550
Kevin Tetz

One of the most important aspects of a paint gun is the way it feels in your hand. For the hobbyist it needs to feel comfortable with as little distraction as possible. For the pro, ergonomics are important to eliminate fatigue during extended use. The "Concours" is one of the most comfortable guns I've held. Its light, and the handle is narrow and easy to trigger.

With most weekend warriors having a limited supply of clean dry air, this gun sips volume at a rate of 4 cfm @30 psi which can easily be delivered with an average compressor and tank. Controls include the handy air valve control at the base for changes on the fly, with fan & fluid control at the back for easy adjustment. With waterborne paint, stainless steel internals are a must, and the Concours has a choice of 1.2, 1.4, and 1.8 stainless steel setups to handle almost any fluid delivery.

It's lightweight, it feels good, but how does it spray? The pattern is great! With the 1.2 tip and a High-Solids Clearcoat similar to the new Eastwood single stage paint, pattern is nearly 10 inches wide with 30 lbs at the inlet, and even with straight water in the gun, pressure in excess of 70 PSI never split the pattern. This makes it very forgiving to different materials and painting styles. Prices start at just under $200.00 with two setups, making it affordable as a single gun for the hobbyist, or multiple guns for the pro that wants a gun for each operation.

You'll need a dedicated waterborne basecoat gun due to incompatibility issues with solvent borne paint and the Concours is value priced enough to afford two! Along with very concise setup instructions, the icing on the cake is an impressive two year guarantee! The only things I see that bug me are the blue knobs and tough silver anodized finish, but that's just my personal preference… I'm a bit of a billet aluminum snob….sorry!

Bottom line…. I like it! I'll give it a solid 9 out of 10 and recommend it for any skill level, including the pro custom painter that's looking for great value in a well engineered and versatile paint gun.