Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinets

If your projects involve lots of smaller parts that need to be absolute clean of all rust and paint, your shop is going to need a blasting cabinet. A cabinet makes it easier to reuse blasting media, plus it eliminates the mess of cleanup blasting out in the open can cause. Eastwood's selection starts with units small enough and affordable enough for almost any shop space and user. But we've also got huge cabinets with work space bigger that 5ft x 4ft x 3ft that can hold entire engine blocks.

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An affordable way to media blast parts without taking up much room in your shop
Only $159.99
Medium sized, use anywhere, Modular Benchtop or Leg Mount design.
Only $279.99
Eastwood's Blast Cabinet is ideal for blasting large automotive parts.

Starting at: $399.99

Replaces the standard trigger operated blast gun
Only $59.99
Blast Out of a Bucket Kit
Only $29.99
Our largest, with 20-cfm gun and 12"x45" window, dust collector
Only $2,299.99
24"x36"x24" interior size Dust Collector included
Only $1,049.99
Extended Legs for Eastwood 20464 Modular Blast Cabinet
Only $49.99
Large 27x60x35 with Dust Collector
Only $1,899.99
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