Abrasive Blast Cabinet Buyers Guide

Tips For Buying An Abrasive Blast Cabinet

The best way – and sometimes the only way – to remove all the rust from a part is with a blast cabinet. There are always parts like a spring or latch mechanism, where you could never clean everything with a wire wheel or sanding disc. A blast cabinet is great for removing rust from pits, which is absolutely necessary, because if you don’t remove the rust from the pits, it’s going to push back up and blister your paint.

Eastwood currently offers three sizes of cabinets – a benchtop version, which is great for small parts or if you have very limited space; a modular version which is also great if you’re looking to save space because it can be set on a workbench or you can attach legs and use it as a standup cabinet; and we also have a full size cabinet which will handle large parts, including 20” wheels.

All cabinets are top loading, which is great because it saves a lot of space. If the door was on the side it would need twice as much room so you could get the part into it, and you could never put it against a wall.

All have a high flow, high quality blast gun, which you definitely need to remove paint and rust quickly and efficiently. All of the cabinets have a large window with replaceable liners, plus lights to make it easy to see while you’re working. All three also have non-duning hoppers, which keep you blasting, unlike lesser quality units. We also offer a foot pedal for all three units that helps lessen hand fatigue when you’re blasting for long periods of time.

Each cabinet has large adjustable air inlet openings and an exhaust port that hooks up to a standard 1.5” vacuum hose. You can also attach a dust collector, which are available at Eastwood.

The benchtop cabinet has nearly three cubic feet of blasting space and will fit into a 24” x 20” area. The modular cabinet is about 6 cubic feet and comes with an extra bright LED light plus a gas strut to hold the door open while you’re loading parts or blast media. The full size cabinet is more than 11 cubic feet, and because of the way it’s assembled, it ships much cheaper than other large blast cabinets, saving you money.

After you buy a blast cabinet, don’t forget to pick up some extra nozzles as well as replacement liners for the window glass. And be sure to review the chart to make sure you get the best blast media for your jobs.

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An affordable way to media blast parts without taking up much room in your shop
Only $159.99
Medium sized, use anywhere, Modular Benchtop or Leg Mount design.
Only $279.99
Eastwood's Blast Cabinet is ideal for blasting large automotive parts.

Starting at: $399.99

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