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Blast Cabinet Buyers Guide

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Eastwood DIY Blast Cabinet Guide

When parts need a complete surface cleaning, a media blast cabinet is the easiest and most effective way to do so. The metal components of a car often have tight crevices and recesses that are nearly impossible to fully clean with a sanding disc or wire wheel. An Eastwood sand blast cabinet and the proper abrasive blast media do what hand tools can’t. We’ve created several air blast cabinet models to scrub off rust, corrosion and old finishes so parts have a completely clean surface.

Best Media Blasting Cabinets

When selecting a new Eastwood sandblasting cabinet, you want equipment that does what you need without paying for things you’ll never use. Here’s an overview of our DIY blast cabinets and why you might buy it for your shop.

  • Eastwood Benchtop Blast Cabinet — This cabinet is a space-efficient way to clean tools, springs and other small parts. It holds up to 55 pounds of parts and works with any blast media 60 grit or finer. Just 7 CFM of airflow at 90 PSI is required for operation.
  • Eastwood B40 Modular Blast Cabinet — Our medium-size cabinet is a little wider than the entry level model to handle larger parts such as valve covers. Use it as a workbench sandblast cabinet or add the optional leg kit for a free-standing setup.
  • Eastwood B60 Blast Cabinet - Our large, shop-friendly cabinet has a large blasting area and holds plenty of media. Plus additional accessories like foot pedals and dust collectors can easily be attached.
  • Eastwood B100 Media Blast Cabinet — This is an industrial-size blast cabinet that can hold wheels, engine blocks and other large parts. It has a high-capacity dust vacuum unit and a clamshell opening for safer use.

Each of our cabinets also is made with the following features:

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction and a blue powder coated finish.
  • High-flow blast gun with replaceable tips.
  • Interior lighting and a clear viewing window.
  • Two textured work gloves to use while spraying and maneuvering parts.
  • Flow-through ventilation.

We back these sandblaster cabinets with a 1-year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Learn more about abrasive blasting equipment and techniques in the Eastwood tech library.

If you're looking for other brands of blast cabinets, Eastwood offers a wide selection of the most popular brands like Cyclone, Homak, ALC and Shop Fox.