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Aerosol Nozzle w/ 24in Extension Hose

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Aerosol Nozzle w/ 24" Extension Hose

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Eastwood’s exclusive 24” Extension Hose and Nozzle allows you to apply your favorite Eastwood coatings into the toughest of areas. Featuring a machined brass nozzle that disperses the coating in a 360 degree fan pattern, this extension nozzle ensures you get full coverage. The extension nozzle can be reused by attaching to a can of PRE and flushing it clean after each use.

Extension nozzle works on the following Eastwood products:

16060Z Black Rust Encapsulator
22742Z Flexible Sealer and Sound Deadener
22743Z Carpet and Trim Adhesive
13795Z Internal Exhaust Coating
14040Z Rubberized Undercoating
10041Z PRE Painting Prep
15275Z Internal Frame Coating Black
12515Z Internal Frame Coating Green

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