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Air Management Accessories

Air Filters and Regulators

DeVilbiss Air Filter Control Unit - Click to Purchase

General-purpose DeVilbiss regulator gauge for painting and tool operations. 0-125 psi, 60 cfm 5 micron particle filter, quick shut-off valve, fast filter changes, minimal pressure drop through large internal air passages.

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RTI Regulator/Filter - Click to Purchase

Air Filter/Regulator - Here's an inexpensive filter/regulator suitable for many painting and air tool operations. 0-120 psi, 30 cfm, 5 micron particulate filter. Semi automatic drain with manual override. Max inlet pressure 230 psi. Temp range 40-120 degrees F. For a replacement filter order (13765). One year warranty. Made in USA


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Mini Regulator

This compact unit makes it easy to adjust and maintain line pressure with accuracy, especially at the lower values used today. Great for HVLP paint guns or HotCoat Powder Coating System. The diaphram type regulator features a 0-60 psi/400 kpa gauge and 1/4" NPT ports. Handles up to 250 psi.

Last Chance Filters and Moisture Indicators

Buy It Now! Disposable In Line Air Filter Buy It Now! Mini Desiccant Dryer - 2 pack
This in-line filter will remove any remaining contaminates down to one micron before they can ruin your paint job. Features strong threads in a solvent resistant housing. Max operating pressure 125 psi.Features a desiccant material that changes from dark blue to pink when it's time for a replacement. Filters remove moisture, oil and particulates down to 5 microns.

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