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Eastwood Air Management Systems

What is an Air Management System and why should you have one?

An air management system consists of everything between your compressor and equipment that enables you to have a clean and moisture free air supply. Did you know the slightest bit of moisture or particulates from a compressed air system can cause many problems such as:

  • Paint defects or fisheyes
  • Rust and pipe scale
  • Media clogs in abrasive blasters
  • Shortens air tool life
  • Restricts airflow
  • Air line freezing

Can be used for:
  • Painting
  • Blasting
  • Air Tools
  • Powder Coating

Air System Layout

Basics of Compressed Air

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20474 Professional 4-Stage Dryer System

This ½" NPT system is comprised of a two stage filter/regulator that removes debris down to 40 microns. The third stage oil-coalescing filter removes particulates down to .01 microns! Features auto float drain, sight glass and all steel construction. The air is then dispersed evenly through the 2 quart desiccant dryer and 99.97% of all moisture and oil vapors are removed and exited to your paint gun. Max 150 psi. Max Flow 25 cfm. System includes hardware, instructions and desiccant.

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20473 Hobbyist 2-Stage Desiccant Dryer System

This economy system includes a ½" NPT .03 micron oil coalescing filter with manual drain and sight glass. The desiccant dryer is the same as above with a 1 quart capacity. Oil-coalescing filter is compatible with Eastwood's modular connector, but uses brass pipe fittings and shut-off ball valve. Includes hardware, instructions and desiccant. Max 150 psi, Max Flow 15 cfm.

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20472 2-Stage Modular Coalescing-Regulator System

This ½" 2-stage system includes moisture and oil separators to ensure no debris enters your air tools or spray equipment. The first stage removes moisture and particulates down to 40 microns, features sight glass and manual drain. The second stage removes oil aerosols down to .01 microns. Includes sight-glass and pop-up indicator that alerts you to excessive flow or plugged element. Regulator has brass seat, reinforced diaphragm for longevity and accuracy and 0-160 psi gauge. Includes hardware, modular connectors and instructions. Max 150 psi, Max Flow 53 cfm.

Use With Air Operated Tools Only

Avoid costly tool damage caused by rust, scale and moisture, this system ensures your air tools are properly lubricated and receive purified air. The air is passed through the 40 micron Moisture-coalescing filter removing moisture and debris, then regulated through the 0-160psi regulator. The final stage aerosolizes the oil that lubricates your pneumatic tool. The lubricator has a 6 ounce capacity, 3-position adjustment knob and sight glass. Comes complete with mounting hardware, modular connectors, gate and instructions. Max 150 psi, Max Flow 100 cfm.

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