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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Auto Darkening Lightweight Welding Helmet

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This Light weight Auto Darkening Helmet is specifically designed to provide maximum eye and face protection from harmful UV and IR radiation emitted when welding,

  • 3.8" x 1.85" Viewing area
  • Dims automatically to a fixed shade 11
  • Light Shade of crisp shade 3
  • Switching time of 1/4000 seconds
  • Triggered by 2 sensors and charged by a solar cell

Features a lightweight, comfortable housing. Auto-Darkening powered by solar cells and lithium-ion battery provide long, reliable life. Meets ANSI Z-87.1 safety standards.

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One Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


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Always follow manufacturers instructions for proper safety requirements when performing welding tasks.


2 year warranty

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