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Electrical Auto Parts

If you want to enjoy modern vehicle conveniences, then you’re going to need some electricity. Power windows, power locks, windshield wipers, air conditioning, navigation and many other features depend on the battery and charging system to keep them running. And that’s before we get to essentials such as the ignition. Our vehicle electrical system parts can be used to replace malfunctioning parts or upgrade an older vehicle. We carry an assortment of universal electrical car components as well as model-specific parts for that Ford Mustang, Pontiac Firebird or Plymouth Barracuda you’ve been tinkering on.

These Painless electrical parts are easy to install and test. You’ll find an assortment of automotive wiring harness kits that include everything to wire your ignition, turn signals, headlights and dimmers the right way the first time. There are also individual harnesses for A/C systems, doors and windows. Complete your electrical circuit upgrade with distribution blocks, battery cables, transmission torque converters and anything else you need. Our DIY experts provide lifetime tech support by phone and email on every part we sell. You can also stop by a retail location and talk in person with people who know cars.


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