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ATK HP99C Chevy 350 Vortec Complete Engine 290HP
Only $2,999.99
ATK HP291PM Chevy 350 Mid Dress Engine 325HP
Only $2,798.99
ATK HP291PC Chevy 350 Complete Engine 325HP
Only $3,498.99
HP32M ATK Chevrolet 350 64-85 H.P. Mid-Dress Engine Long Block
Only $3,098.99
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Complete Chevy Engines

Your favorite car isn’t meant to sit around with empty space under the hood. Chevy/GM mid-dress and complete engines from Eastwood are for people who want to get back on the road in a hurry. A GM mid-dress engine, also known as a Stage 2 engine, is for people who have their own component parts and want the satisfaction of doing the finishing touches. If you don’t even have that kind of time, complete Chevrolet Stage 3 engines are a true “drop-in” option. These are perfect for daily commuters and racers who need their car to fire up yesterday.

Eastwood has a great selection of ATK Chevy/GM engines for sale that pack the horsepower you crave. We have many builds of the classic Chevy 350 along with engines for Buicks, Oldsmobiles, GMC trucks, Cadillacs and other cars going back to the 1960s. These muscular engines use the highest-quality parts have been dyno-tested for reliability and power. Select an engine to see the detailed specs or contact us for free expert tech support. Each engine ships free directly from the manufacturer to your garage for you to install and drive away!


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