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HP99F ATK Ford 302 68-74 DROP-IN Engine Complete Assembly
Only $2,884.99
HP79M ATK Ford 302 H.P. Mid-Dress Engine Long Block
Only $3,606.99
ATK HP11C Ford 351W Complete Engine 385HP
Only $5,874.99
Ford 302CI Engine 300HP Front Sump Complete
Only $4,430.99
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Ford Complete & Mid-Dress Engines

As rewarding as it can be to rebuild an engine from the ground up, sometimes you just want to go. Complete Ford engines from Eastwood are for those people. These “turn-key” Ford powerplants can be installed in a single afternoon — just drop them in and connect all your lines and hoses! Alternatively, a mid-dress Ford engine build adds most of the necessary components to a long block but allows the user to add their own touches. Both ATK crate engine options have the power and reliability you need for daily commuting, track days or drag racing.

We have drop-in Ford engines in all shapes and sizes from the popular 302 small block to the serious horsepower of the 502. Just click on your make, model or vehicle year to see the engines we offer that are a match. Each engine uses the highest-quality parts that are dyno-tested after assembly. Eastwood is committed to keeping every classic Mustang, Shelby Cobra, Cougar and LTD on the road with a reliable powerplant. We’ve been a DIY leader since 1978 because we help people do the job right and have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.


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