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ATK SP22 Ford 520 Stroker Short Block -36cc
Only $3,880.68
ATK SP21 Ford 408 Stroker Short Block 25.8cc
Only $3,460.35
ATK HP81 Ford 408 Stroker Engine 480HP
Only $6,920.70
ATK HP80 Ford 347 Stroker Engine 410HP
Only $5,039.01
HP78 ATK Ford 302CI Front Sump 365HP Base Engine Long Block
Only $4,090.84
ATK HP20 Ford 347 Stroker Engine 410HP
Only $5,039.01
ATK HP19 Ford 502CI Engine 545HP
Only $6,852.28
ATK HP17 Ford 393 Stroker Engine 410HP
Only $5,674.39
ATK HP14 Ford 331 Stroker Engine 380HP
Only $5,039.01
ATK HP11 Ford 351W Engine 385HP
Only $4,110.39
HP100 ATK Ford 347 Frnt Sump Base Stroker Engine 450HP
Only $5,493.55
HP08 ATK Ford 302CI Fox Pan Base Engine Long Block
Only $4,090.84
ATK Ford 408 Stroker Base Engine
Only $5,557.09
HP09 ATK Ford 351W HP 68-97 H.P. Base Engine Long Block
Only $3,090.99
HP79 ATK Ford 302 H.P. 68-97 Engine Long Block
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Ford Project Car Engines

Rebuild your vehicle’s powerplant like a pro by using ATK base, short block and long block Ford engines from Eastwood. These partial powerplants are ideal for a DIYer who’s new to engine-building or a mechanic who wants to get projects turned around quickly. Which one you choose depends on how much time and money you have to spend on a rebuild. But each provides the infrastructure you need to build the powerful custom engine of your dreams without spending a fortune. ATK uses handpicked parts such as aluminum cylinder heads, forged crankshafts and billet rocker arms to guarantee great performance.

Whatever classic Ford, Mercury or AC you have in your garage, there’s a remanufactured Ford engine ready for you to complete. Get a 408 stroker short block that acts as a foundation, a Ford 302 long block that lights up the dyno or a base Ford crate engine that’s fully assembled. ATK hand-builds all these engines and individually tests them to make sure they’re up to snuff. Our free lifetime technical support ensures you’ll have the help you need. Outfit your Mustang, Falcon, F-150 or Thunderbird with the power it deserves from a Ford project engine.


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