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Eastwood Garage Sale
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63 to 65 Plymouth Outer Wheel House LH 770 1463 L
Only $143.99
73 to 87 Chevy Pickup Fender Rear Panel 205 4073 R
Only $13.99
64 to 67 Chevelle GTO Inner Wheelhouse RH 760 3464 R
Only $89.99
67 to 68 Camaro Outer Wheel House LH 770 3567 L
Only $49.49
66 to 67 Cutlass Tank w/Filler & 2 Vent 890 7466 2N
Only $144.99
68 Chevelle El Camino Fender RH X200 3468 R
Only $319.99
70 to 71Challenger Shaker Hood 300 2570 2S
Only $809.99
66 to 67 GTO Door Shell LH X500 5466 L
Only $474.99
63 to 64 Dodge B Body Rear Fender Patch 205 1463 R
Only $107.99
81 to 87 Chevy PU Blazer Jimmy OE Hood 300 4081
Only $239.99
82 to 87 Camaro Fuel Tank w/Filler 890 3582 NFI
Only $259.99
58 to 59 Chevy Pickup Fender Rear Panel 205 4058 L
Only $37.99
73 to 76 Chevy GMC Pickup LH Door Shell 500 4073 L
Only $149.99
69 Firebird Convert Quarter Panel RH X700 5569 VR
Only $389.99
47 to 53 Chevy Pickup LH Frt Lower Pnl 204 4047 L
Only $114.99
60 to 66 Chevy Pickup Rear Mount Plate 206 4060 R
Only $26.99
47 to 53 Chevy Pickup RH Frt Lower Pnl 204 4047 R
Only $114.99
77 to 87 Chevy GMC Pickup LH Door Shell 500 4077 L
Only $149.99
67 Impala Tank w/Filler Neck & 1 Vent 890 3967 1N
Only $309.99
73 Chevelle GTO Gas Tank w/ Filler Neck 890 3473 N
Only $129.99
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When you're working with hot metal, an ordinary workshop table is apt to crash and burn under the pressure - sometimes literally. Eastwood welding tables and work stands are designed to handle the heavy loads and heat that are common with welding or plasma cutting projects. Made of heavy-gauge steel, ssthese welding benches have elevated work surfaces that you can set doors, fenders or hoods directly on while working. You'll be more comfortable and more effective than if you're slouched over on a concrete floor.

We carry several styles of welding tables for DIYers who need a good place to work. Eastwood has folding welding stands that store easily when not in use, adjustable welding tables that can be set at different angles and slatted plasma cutting tables that make it easy to clamp projects in place. Turn your fender stand into a welding workstation with a work stand welding top or get a fixturing set-up table for precision fabrication. In addition to the welding stands and accessories developed by our R&D guys, Eastwood also carries a number of CertiFlat modular fabrication table kits for projects of any size. Customer satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed on all of our welding equipment.

Replacement Sheet Metal

When doing old car restorations sometimes its simpler to replace an entire panel, instead of trying to straighten it, or repair rust spots. Whether you're working on a classic American car from 1957 or a truck made as recently as 2007, Eastwood has sheet metal to help you fix it. Fenders, door skins, floor pans, quarter panels, rocker panels and more for Chevy, Dodge, Plymouth and other popular cars and trucks. So why waste your time trying make do when you can replace it with OEM quality sheet metal parts.


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