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Eastwood not only knows about restoring and refinishing cars, we know about detailing and maintaining them as well. Few places have such a selection of polishes and protectants for whatever finish your car has, even matte paint. We carry all the latest formulations from Mother's, Meguiar's and more, plus tried and true polishes from Simichome and Autosol. Original Bike Spirits aerosols aren't available at your local home improvement store. You won't find the Rat Wax soap and detailer spray for flat, matte and satin finish cars at your local chain store either.

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Griot's Brilliant Finish Car Wash 10866
Only $13.99
Griot's Complete Compound 10862
Only $13.99
Griot's Black Shine Tire and Trim Coating 10983
Only $10.99
Griot's Garage Headlight Restoration Kit 11409
Only $33.99
Griot's Vinyl & Rubber Dressing 8 oz 11173
Only $10.99
Griot's Garage Best of Show Wax 16 oz 11171
Only $21.99
Griot's Long Lasting Tire Dressing 16oz 11044
Only $18.99
Griot's Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner 22 oz 10973
Only $19.99
Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner 22 oz 10956
Only $10.99
Griot's Garage Speed Shine 22 oz 10950
Only $12.99
Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay 8 oz 11153
Only $23.99
Griot's Foaming Glass Cleaner Aerosol 10998
Only $7.99
Griot's Garage One Step Sealant 16 oz 11075
Only $18.99
Griot's Garage Leather 3 IN 1 16 oz 11019
Only $14.99
Griot's Garage Car Wash 16 oz 11102
Only $9.99
Griot's 6" Random Orbital 10 ft cord 10813
Only $164.99
Griot's Red Foam Waxing Pad 6.5 IN Single 10618
Only $15.99
Griots Micro Fiber Fast Finish Pad 6.5 IN 10426
Only $16.99
Griot's Orange Foam Correcting Pad 6.5 IN 10615
Only $15.99
Griot's Micro Fiber Wash & Scrub Mitt 10281
Only $10.99
Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Drying Towel 55517
Only $30.99
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