Hammers, Dollies, Spoons & Picks

People like to joke that if you can't fix something with a big hammer, you just need a bigger hammer. Well here at Eastwood we have all sizes of auto body hammers no matter how big the job.

We also have the hammer's equally important partner in the auto body world, the dolly. For those of you who prefer the subtler methods of popping out dents, we carry spoons and picks that can reach into the hardest to get at interior parts of body panels. We even sell package kits with an assortment of tools to get you started right out of the box.

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Body Spoons & Picks

Hammers and dollies are great for big stuff, but what about more minor dings and dents? Sheet metal on cars has been getting thinner with each generation pretty much since the age of the Model T. If you are working on anything from the era of the muscle car up to the modern day, chances are the easier way to get the dents out is by poking and prying with a spoon or a pick. We've got spoons and picks in nearly every conceivable bend to reach nearly any dent. With practice and patience these tools can often be used without destroying the paint. We also carry flat surfacing and dinging tools to smooth out the high spots after the hammer and dolly have done the heavy work.


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