Hammers, Dollies, Spoons & Picks

People like to joke that if you can't fix something with a big hammer, you just need a bigger hammer. Well here at Eastwood we have all sizes of auto body hammers no matter how big the job.

We also have the hammer's equally important partner in the auto body world, the dolly. For those of you who prefer the subtler methods of popping out dents, we carry spoons and picks that can reach into the hardest to get at interior parts of body panels. We even sell package kits with an assortment of tools to get you started right out of the box.

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2 sided round body dolly, with flat and low crowned surfaces
Only $24.99
11" Oblong T-Dolly forms and shapes specialized curves
Only $93.99
6"-dia. Bowl-Shaped Forming Dolly forms and shapes specialized curves
Only $93.99
5 T-Dollies help you form and shape metal with precision
Only $72.99
Fairmount Anvil Dolly

Only $29.99

Sale $12.88

Fairmount Shrinking Dolly
Only $24.99
Fairmount Heel Dolly

Only $24.99

Sale $7.88

Fairmount Toe Dolly
Only $24.99
For the new, rounder, shaped panels on today's cars; from Martin®
Only $43.99
Tapered shape works between closely situated panels; from Martin®
Only $32.99
Ideal for heavy-gauge fenders, and protects fingers; from Martin®
Only $64.99
Rubber coating absorbs impact to reduce stretching, paint damage
Only $40.99
Has 1 serrated face to shrink metal stretched by dents; from Martin®
Only $44.99
Martin® dolly has two beading lips; is hand-ground, polished, balanced
Only $45.99
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Body Dollies

Try to shape or fix sheet metal with just a hammer and you quickly can make one big dent into many little dents. In order to really make it flat and smooth you need a dolly on the other side. You can also use different shaped dollies to form creases, curves and more. The metal working dolly is as versatile a tool at making complex metal surfaces as an English wheel, only it works on a much smaller scale. Eastwood sells dollies in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit the curves of whatever you are working on. We even have serrated hammers and dollies for shrinking stretched and dented areas.


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