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2 solid M2-steel cutters drill-out spot welds effortlessly
Only $57.99
Replacement die for Mini Nibbler 28191
Only $19.99
2 replacement center blades for Mini Nibbler 28191
Only $24.99
Hands-free panel-holding; ideal for edge work
Only $22.99
Insert between panels and lightly hammer to gently wedge panels apart
Only $24.99
5 cut-off wheels for your 3" cut-off tool; maximum 25,000 rpm
Only $9.99
"U"-notched tool releases door panel clips; broad face prevents damage
Only $14.99
Compound leverage cuts metal more easily than typical snips
Only $49.99
3 replacement cutters for Eastwood's 3/8" Premium Spot-Weld Cutter
Only $44.99
Three 3/8" replacement cutters for spot-weld cutter 11279
Only $21.99
Drill twice as many holes as you could with a single-ended cutter
Only $23.99
Includes a 3/8"-dia. cutter and a 3/16" skip-proof pilot drill bit
Only $38.99
Includes three 3/8"-dia. cutters, 2 "skip-proof" pilot bits, and case
Only $75.99
Includes three 3/8"-dia. cutters, arbor, extra pilot, and case
Only $65.99
Replaces the drill in our "Skip-Proof" Spot-Weld Cutter #11276
Only $22.99
Rotating jaws slices easily thru steel up to 18-gauge thick
Only $49.99
3 edges separate spot-welded and bonded panels in tight areas
Only $31.99
Super-alloy cobalt steel cuts faster and lasts longer than HSS
Only $131.03
Low-profile cutting-head design lets you work the tool into tight areas
Only $139.99
Glass-filled nylon tools won’t mar surfaces
Only $39.99
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Body Panel Removal

Before you can install patch panels, or new door skins, fenders or anything else, first you'll need to take off the old metal. Doing this means removing trim, drilling spot welds, prying apart seams and cutting metal. Sure we've all done it before with cheap screwdrivers, putty knives and regular drill bits, but why make your life harder?

Get the right tools from Eastwood and the job will be easier, faster and neater. We carry spot weld cutters, dedicated prying and separating tools, nibblers, shears, cut-off wheels and more. Using the right tools saves time and money by not adding more damage to the panel that you'll just have to work out later. And some of the brightwork, trim pieces and clips are nearly irreplaceable if they aren't removed properly without damaging them, so doing that right is vital.


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