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Auto Body Carts

Car Body Cart for DIYers

If you do a lot of frame-off restorations and repairs, a body cart from Eastwood will make your shop life easier. The auto body cart holds your vehicle’s body securely and squarely when it’s separated from the chassis. You’ll be able to do extensive body repairs and then paint without the rest of the vehicle getting in the way. Steel body carts also are an excellent storage solution when building a custom chassis.

Although these carts don’t rotate like an auto rotisserie, they’re still a great automotive tool — especially if you’re on a tight budget. A rolling car body dolly can be wheeled by one person around the shop to various workstations. You can even load the body onto a trailer for transport to a professional shop or your friend’s garage. The investment will pay for itself the first time you experience doing body work with a clear path to every nook and cranny.

Adjustable Auto Body Carts

Eastwood carries an assortment of AutoTwirler auto body parts carts along with our in-house heavy-duty body cart. The classic body dolly comes with 8-inch or 10-inch cast iron wheels and is rated for up to 3,000 pounds. Each universal body cart has a fixed height with adjustable width and length to accommodate various vehicles. Model-specific body carts are also available such as the Mustang cart.

The Body Cart Plus takes things a step further with height adjustments, a telescoping center bar and two extra caster. These carts can also hold a cast iron rear differential — a notoriously difficult part to work on. Another practical add-on is the Steck Truck Bed Lifter, which converts an engine lift so you can suspend the pickup bed.

Call or email Eastwood seven days a week if you need assistance. We’ve been a DIY leader since 1978 because we have the expert knowledge to go with our practical equipment. These carts are made in the USA with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.