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Great for sanding body lines and curves
Only $3.99
Dense side sands primer, small flaws; soft side for nib, color sanding
Only $11.99
For hand-sanding of curved surfaces
Only $27.99
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Flexible Sanders

Sanding body panels with just a 1/4 sheet of paper and your hand, or an old fashioned wooden block makes it hard to get good results. Using a larger block, that can be adjusted to make it more or less flexible, makes it much easier to get a glass smooth body. Plus, imagine how much faster you could sand the whole roof, hood, or door skin if you have a 2 handed 3 foot long sanding block, instead of a piece 3 in x 5 in. Eastwood also carries blocks to help you sand right up to the edge of body lines, without over-sanding the edges and blurring the details. Our flexible sanding tools are just what you need for sanding the complex curves on rounded post war cars, jet age 1950s cruisers, and curvaceous muscle cars of the 60s.


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