Sound Deadening

Sound Deadening

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Auto Sound Deadening Supplies

When restoring an older or antique car, the list of things can get pretty long. A lot of those tasks will be known in advance. But some problems won't make themselves known until you hit the road - and hear them for yourself.

Sometimes the problem is just noise. Because automotive technology advances at a rapid pace, it's easy to get spoiled to modern features, such as soundproofing.

Since 1978 Eastwood has worked with the DIY community by offering high-quality products for restored projects. Among our more than 4,000 automotive products are auto sound deadening solutions from some of the best brands in the industry. Whether you are seeking to control an unintended consequence of your work, or wanting to isolate yourself from a noise you amplified on purpose, you'll find a variety of auto sound insulation solutions at

Auto Sound Deadening Equipment

There's a lot to love about older cars, but the amount of noise they make on the road isn't one of them. Even the finest-tuned machines can rattle and clank as parts bump against each other. Adding automotive sound deadener material to your machine can reduce vibrations and muffle noises so your muscle car runs as quietly as a modern ride. Eastwood carries exclusive sound control products and has effective offerings from Dynamat, Lizard Skin, DEI Boom Mat and other brands.

Sound Insulation and Liners

The most common and effective way to mute the cacophony of an old car is sound deadening insulation. These products work by either reducing noises at the source or by making it harder for those noises to get to the interior. We have sound barrier door foam packs, anti-sound liners for floorboards and special underhood insulators plus installation tools and tape. Many of our sound deadening car products also have heat shielding properties as well so the cockpit will be cooler as well as quieter.

Sound Control Coatings

Sometimes loud buzzes and hums come from places that you just can't get to with a floor mat or foam block. If that's the case, our sound deadening sealers are a custom way to shut out the noise. These products are brushed on or sprayed on much like paint and harden into a flexible shell that is formulated to reduce audio levels, heat, and moisture-related rust. They are excellent for battery trays, trunk interiors, trim, undercarriages and other oddly shaped areas.

Hear What You Want To Hear

Hearing the authentic engine roars and wheel buzzing as you drive is all well and good. But if you'd rather talk to a friend without shouting or listen to the radio, then installing sound deadening in your car is the right solution.