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Eastwood Bead Roller Fence

Item #20552 Brand: Eastwood

Bead Roller Guide Fence for Eastwood 28187 Bead Roller

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Keep it Straight - Create perfectly straight beads and offsets with infinite adjustment from the edge, up to 12” deep, in your panel.

  • Easy-on, easy-off 2 bolt attachment - allows quick adjustment during forming
  • Works with Eastwoods #28187 bead roller – and competitors with ½” plate frame designs
  • Heavy ¼” thick welded steel construction- adds strength and superior rigidity over competitors designs
  • Generous 14” face span – assure straight lines with the highest accuracy – by far the best fence design we have tested
  • Long lasting powder coat finish - minimizes scratching and corrosion

A must have accessory to your bead roller. Assuring your get the best results possible and the ultimate in accuracy.

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About Eastwood Bead Roller Fence

The Eastwood Bead Roller Fence enables you to make straight flanges, beads, bends and steps from one end of a piece of metal to another with no variance from start to finish. The Bead Roller Fence takes the guess work out of making straight beads. It enables straight beads to be performed quickly without having to concentrate on keeping the work piece perfectly straight. Press the work piece against the fence and feed it through the roller.


One Bead Roller Guide Fence


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Pinch Hazard. Keep fingers away from moving parts when operating. Wear appropriate work gloves and protective clothing. Sheet metal will often have sharp edges which can cause cuts to hands and arms. Wear appropriate eye protection. Metal chips can be ejected during the bending process.


90 days China


Used on the Eastwood Bead Roller or on other bead rollers constructed of 1/2In. plate

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