Eastwood Scroll Compressor
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Eastwood has participated in BizRate since 1999, where over 50,000 customers have rated Eastwood as “Outstanding.” This is BizRate’s highest rating.

Eastwood has also been denoted "Customer Certified." To be "Customer Certified" a store must fulfill two requirements:

  1. Participate in BizRate's Continuous Feedback Program : BizRate to collect feedback continuously and directly from customers as they check-out and after the date of fulfillment through follow-up e-mail surveys.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: Eastwood must get a rating of satisfactory or better on 16 qualities of service. Eight of the 16 quality ratings are determined at the point of sale or "checkout.” These are collected by asking a store's customers to evaluate their purchase experiences, immediately after completing the online transaction. The remaining 8 quality ratings are determined when the purchase is expected to be received as an "after delivery" follow-up.

    • Ease of finding what you are looking for
    • Selection of products available
    • Clarity of product information
    • Prices relative to other online merchants
    • Overall look and design of site
    • Shipping charges
    • Variety of shipping options
    • Charges stated clearly before order submission, i.e. total purchase amount (including shipping/handling charges) displayed before order submission
    • Product in stock at time of expected delivery
    • Ability to track orders until delivered
    • Product arrived when expected
    • Correct product was delivered and it worked as described/depicted
    • Availability/Ease of contacting, courtesy & knowledge of staff, resolution of issue
    • Likelihood to buy again from this store
    • Overall experience with this purchase
    • Likelihood of recommending Eastwood