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Body Soldering Sticks 10 pack

Item #31151 Brand: Eastwood

Ten 1/4-lb. sticks (30% tin, 70%
lead) for long-lasting body repairs

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30/70 Body Solder in ten 1/4-lb. sticks for easy leading Individual 1/4-lb. sticks make it easier to work with. Contains 30% tin, 70% lead, for long-lasting auto body repairs.
  • Ten 1/4-lb. sticks
  • 30% tin, 70% lead
  • Certified alloy content

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About Body Soldering Sticks 10 pack

30/70 tin/lead solder works well on horizontal and vertical surfaces, and its low melting temperature makes this 30/70 lead solder easier to work with than lead-free solder.


Ten 1/4-lb. Body Solder Sticks

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