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High Temp Ceramic Engine Paints

  • HIGHEST TEMP paint you can buy - TWICE the rating of common engine paints.
  • SUPER DURABLE CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY - highly resistant to chips, scratches and chemicals.
  • ADD EVEN MORE DURABILITY and gloss finish by adding Eastwood Activator 21854Z
  • 20 FACTORY-CORRECT COLORS - original equipment, universal and hard to find colors.
  • EASY APPLICATION - brush or spray it on.

Scott W.

"Here's an under hood restoration I did using Eastwood's Chevy Orange Ceramic Engine Paint. I did it with the engine still in the car. It goes on nice and smooth, no brushstrokes. Proper prep is the key; you must clean off..." Read more


Original equipment, universal and hard to find colors.

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51620 Chr

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51615 ZP AMC Blue 51616 ZP Cat Yellow 51617 ZP Chevy 6cyl. Blue 51618 ZP Chevy Orange 51619 ZP Chrysler Blue
51620 ZP Chrysler Hemi Orange 51621 ZP Chrysler and Ford Red 51622 ZP Chrysler Big Block Turquoise 51620 ZP Ford Dark Blue 51624 ZP Ford Dark Green
51626 ZP GM Corporate Blue 1977 and on 51627 ZP John Deere Green 51628 ZP Oldsmobile Gold 51629 ZP Pontiac Light Blue 51630 ZP Pont
51631 ZP Universal Aluminum 51632 ZP Universal Gloss Black 51633 ZP Universal Cast Iron Gray 51634 ZP Universal Gloss Red  

Eastwood's Most Popular Colors

Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint - Quart AMC Blue
Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Quart Chevy Orange
Eastwood's Ceramic Engine Paint Qt 66-80 Ford Dark Blue
Item # 51615 ZP
Item # 51618 ZP
Item # 51623 ZP