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Spray inside doors and rockers where painting won't be required.

Only $17.99

Sale $12.97

Durability and precision of a 2-component coating, without the paint gun

Only $24.99

Sale $21.97

Soothing solid blue made from a white base. It’s a perfect color for two-tones, but is just as useful when used on its own
Provides a custom 40-60% semi-gloss metallic copper finish.

Starting at: $18.99

A beautiful bronze finish great for lawn furniture, architectural projects and custom applications.

Starting at: $8.99

A bit of black tint helps shade this white just right for use on its own, or paired with another color in a two-tone combination.

Starting at: $57.98

Near-zero gloss level for your "rat rod"

Starting at: $57.98

As the name implies, this black has no gloss

Starting at: $122.98

V-Twin Orange provides a glossy orange finish similar Harley Davidson's.

Starting at: $10.99

Tekna ProLite Pressure Feed .85 1.0 Needle 703629

Only $43.99

Sale $19.98

16" rigid wand works with our Undercoating Gun #20441

Only $26.99

Sale $5.98

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Paint & Coating Deals

No matter what your favorite color is, you'll save some green by ordering it here. Eastwood has regular specials on base coats, ceramic paints, power coating powders, custom paints and other finish supplies. You'll also find painting equipment on sale along with paint strippers and metal cleaners.

Welding & Fabrication Closeouts

Our welding supplies are already the best value in the industry, and the value gets even more incredible in the Closeout section. You never know when you might get a steal on a MIG, TIG or ARC welder from our collection. Regular bargains can be found on parts and accessories such as welding torches, spool guns, surface preparation tools and safety equipment.

Save on Autobody Tools

From precision repairs to "bang on it with a hammer and see what happens", Eastwood has you covered. Auto body tools on sale might include dent removal kits, body fillers, panel setting tools and polishers. There are plenty of hammers in stock as well.

Shop Equipment Specials

You shop is your happy place, and our auto tool and equipment specials will turn it into paradise. Get the best wrench sets, air compressors, drills, work lights and other all-around tools. Sometimes we have sales on specialty tools like drill presses well. Tool racks, part washers and other add-ons will keep your space clean and ready.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our closeout automotive equipment comes with the same support, warranties and 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee as everything you buy from Eastwood. Since 1978, we have been one of the most trusted DIY suppliers, and we don't cut corners just because something is a lower price. If you live near one of our in-person shops, stop by for even more deals!


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