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Eastwood's Corvette Frame Restoration

For anyone that has recently visited our retail store, they've probably seen Eastwood's latest restoration project - a fully restored classic Corvette frame.

The frame that we started with was in pretty good shape, but required minor welding and removal of old coatings and some rust.

To remove the coatings and rust, we attacked it with the Eastwood Master Blaster, after we finished stripping the parts off of the frame. The Master Blaster is a dual-tank blaster that allows you to blast with soda, an abrasive media, or any combination of the two with a simple flip of a switch.

Eastwood Master Blaster

Restoring a chassis can be broken down into 3 steps


Disassemble, Clean, and Repair

  1. Remove the body to gain full access to the chassis
  2. Clean off years of grease and dirt - hint: Chassis Kleen is great for this
  3. Remove rust, paint and coatings
  • Abrasive blasting is generally the quickest method - hint: Master Blaster is great for this step
  • If you do not have access to an abrasive blaster, a cup style wire wheel on an angle grinder can also be used
  1. Inspect for any damage and make repairs - The vehicles we are restoring may have some rust or past accident damage. As this is the foundation for your vehicle, ensuring everything is square and any damage is properly repaired, is key.

Prime and Seal

  1. We media blasted the frame to bare, clean metal, gave it a through cleaning/wipedown with PRE, and primed it with Eastwood Epoxy Primer (this is a great foundation for our Ceramic Chassis Black).
  2. If you are unable to remove all of the rust on your frame, use Eastwood Rust Encapsulator for those areas. If there are any areas of deep, scaly rust that you are unable to remove, use Eastwood Rust Converter followed by Rust Encapsulator.
  3. To treat rust inside the frame, Eastwood's new Internal Frame Coat allows you to effectively coat the boxed-in internal surfaces.

Top Coat and Re-assembly

  1. We applied Eastwood's Satin Ceramic Chassis Black to the Corvette Frame. This 2Kproduct provides a super-durable finish that has an OEM appearance (Ceramic Chassis Black is also available in gloss black). Eastwood also offers Original Chassis Black and Extreme Chassis Black, depending on your budget and needs.
  2. For the components that get bolted to the frame, Eastwood offers a line of Detail Paints that replicate cast aluminum (AlumaBlast is great for transmission cases, bell-houses, etc), stamped steel or rough cast aluminum (Detail Gray is great for distributor housings, alternators, and much more), and cast iron (Spray Gray is perfect for water pumps, master cylinder and more). Eastwood also offers a Golden Cad kit to replicate the look of cadmium plating.