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Eastwood 48 Inch Box and Pan Sheet Metal Brake

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The Eastwood 48 Inch Box and Pan Sheet Metal Brake is the perfect size for a small shop or home use.

  • Bends sheet metal up to 48"
  • Use on up to 18 gauge steel, 22 gauge stainless or 16 gauge aluminum
  • Makes bends up to 135 degrees
  • Removable fingers to create pans or boxes

The Eastwood 48 inch Box and Pan Brake is a precision engineered metal working tool designed to produce accurate, variable length bends in angles up to 135° in mild 18 gauge sheet steel, 22 gauge stainless and 16 gauge aluminum in widths up 48”. Create complex shapes such as floor reinforcement channels and ribs, sections of corrugated pickup bed floors; truck bedside panels, inner fender structures and much more, all with one convenient bench-mounted tool.

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(1) Eastwood 48 Inch Box and Pan Sheet Metal Brake


Metal Width: Bends up to 48"
Metal Gauge: Up to 18 gauge steel, 22 gauge stainless, or 16 gauge aluminum
Bend Angles: Up to 135 degrees
Removable Fingers: 16 Hardened and Ground Fingers
(5) 2"
(5) 4"
(6) 3"

Mounting Area Dimensions: 53” x 13”
Overall Dimensions: 59” wide x 13” deep x 18.375” tall
Weight: 297lbs


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This tool is considerably heavy. Use extreme caution when mounting or dismounting when using a vice or other temporary fixturing arrangement. Personal injury could occur if tool is dropped. Pinch Hazard. Keep fingers away from moving parts when operating. Wear appropriate work gloves and protective clothing. Sheet metal will often have sharp edges which can cause cuts to hands and arms. Wear appropriate eye protection. Metal chips can be ejected during the bending process.



This a freight item and ships by truck.
Lift Gate Fee: If you have no way to unload the Metal Brake (dock or forklift) you will need to add the lift gate fee to your order. Truck driver will NOT assist in unloading.

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