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Eastwood 4 Piece Fluid Line Stopper Set

Item #30122 Brand: Eastwood

Spring-loaded, to plug disconnected fluid lines

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Working with disconnected fluid lines? Eastwood’s Fluid Line Stopper Set plugs ’em up.

  • Prevents fluid leaks and contamination during service
  • Perfect for replacing brake calipers and lines
  • Spring-loaded, for instant on/off
  • Works with all automotive fluids

You don't want disconnected fluid lines leaking all over you and the shop floor, so use these spring-loaded line stoppers to plug open fluid lines as you work.

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About Eastwood 4 Piece Fluid Line Stopper Set

Suitable for fuel rails and lines, flare-type steel brake, fuel, oil and A/C lines, and banjo fittings on brake, power steering and transmission cooler lines. Works on tube nuts, AN, and banjo fittings.


Includes 4 stoppers, for 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" and banjo fittings

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