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Eastwood Candeez Gold Metallic Base and Activator

Item #51685ZPA Gold Metallic Base

For dramatic finishes, use this gold-metallic base under Candeez colors
  1. EW Candeez Gold Metallic Base 96 oz
    Item #51685ZPA

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  2. Eastwood Urethane Activator 32oz med temp less 80F
    Item #21856ZP
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  3. Eastwood SSU Slow Activator Quart 80 degree and above
    Item #21853ZP
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  4. Eastwood Zero VOC Urethane Reducer Quart
    Item #50104ZP

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Eastwood Gold Metallic Base Paint Mixes 3:1 with activator for one sprayable gallon.

Eastwood's gold metallic base is ideal as a base coat for the Candeez custom paints. The gold base can also be used under other brands of candies. Eastwood gold base's metallic flakes are very coarse to really bring out the topcoat. gold metallic basecoat must be top coated. Mix 3:1 with 32oz activator. Compatible with all Eastwood primers and clears.

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About Eastwood Candeez Gold Metallic Base and Activator

Pot life 2 hours at 70 degrees F.
Gun Tip size HVLP: 1.4mm - 1.8mm
Mix 3:1 by volume. No reduction necessary, but reduction with Eastwood's zero VOC reducer 50104ZP may improve leveling and flow.
let Candeez flash dry 15-20 between coats.
By adjusting the number of coats it is possible to achieve different and darker shades.
Candeez may be clear coated after final coat has flased 15-20 minutes and before 18 hrs have passed. after 18 hrs, abrade with 800 grit to promote adhesion.


Paint 3/4 of a gallon, 96 fl ounces Activator 32 fl oz


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Use in well ventilated area and wear appropriate NIOSH/MSHA approved respirtaor. Read all warnings on can before applying. See MSDS for additional saftey information. For spills, fire or exposure, call CHEMTREC 24/7 800-424-9300

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