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Eastwood Elite 27" Bead Roller

Item #21327 Brand: Eastwood

Add strength and rigidity to your project's sheet metal parts as deep as 27" from a panels edge.
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The Eastwood Elite 27” Bead Roller is a professional metal fabrication tool which excels in producing strengthening ribs in panels used in creating replacement floor pans, firewalls, trunk floors, inner fenders, etc. as well as creating decorative custom designs in door panels, dashes and much more with the included dies.

  • Largest Hand Crank Bead Roller on the Market
  • Fabricated Design for Industry Leading Strength and Rigidity
  • 27” Throat Capacity – Allows you to form from center of a 54” panel
  • Industry standard 22mm shafts to accept all professional dies
  • Tool-less design for Quick, Precise Adjustment
  • Vise or Stand Mountable for ease of use
  • Excels in producing floor pans, firewalls, truck floors, inner fenders and more

Also create channels and flanges with the available optional dies.

Large Capacity Throat Depth

With the 27" throat depth of the Eastwood Elite Bead Roller you are able to start forming from the center of a 54" panel. The large crank handle and the gear-driven design delivers maximum forming power while requiring minimal handle force for the greatest accuracy.

Fabricate All Kinds of Custom Panels

Includes an offset Flange die set that you can use for creating replacement floor pans, firewalls, trunk floors, inner fenders. With the optional 20267 Metal fabrication dies you have unlimited possibilites of what you can make.

Professional Results

Whether you are a professional fabricator or DIY you can create custom and one-of-a-kind projects right out of your shop or garage.

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(1) 27” Throat Bead Roller Frame
(1) Crank Handle
(1) Crank Arm
(1) Set of Offset Dies
(1) M10 x 1.75 Adjustable Handle Bolt, Roller Tension Screw
(1) M12 x 1.5 Adjustable Handle Bolt, Lock Screw


Maximum material working thickness: Steel= 18 Gauge Aluminum= 16 Gauge
Maximum panel width (working from center): 54”
Frame Dimensions (not including handle and shafts): 30" length x 7.75" height x 3" wide


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This tool has leveraged rotating components that generate greatly amplified crushing and bending forces which can quickly cause severe injury! Keep fingers and hands away from moving parts when operating.

Handling sharp metal can cause serious cuts. Wear thick, well fitting work gloves to prevent cuts from handling sharp metal.

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18 Gauge Steel and 16 Gauge Aluminum sheet

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