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Eastwood Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System

Eastwood Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System

Item #Hot stapler 13650

Make strong repairs of damaged plastic parts
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    EW Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System
    Item #13650

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    Eastwood Staples 0.8mm Flat 100 pcs
    Item #13650A
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    Eastwood Staples 0.8mm Wave 100 pcs
    Item #13650B
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    Eastwood Staples 0.8mm Corner 100 pcs
    Item #13650C
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Hot Stapler System makes structurally sound repairs of damaged plastic parts.

  • Just a few hot staples can save hundreds in replacement-part costs
  • For automotive, power sports, hobby and industrial applications
  • 3 staple-mounting options
  • 3 staple types (1/2" wide)
  • 3 heat settings for a variety of applications

Why replace expensive parts if you don't have to? Eastwood's Hot Stapler is a precision-engineered tool that helps you make solid, permanent repairs of breaks, cracks and tears in rigid or flexible plastic parts.

As you hold the wand in position and press the button, the attached staple heats up. When you see it start to melt the plastic, simply push it halfway into the plastic. The staple will be fused into the damaged, broken or cracked plastic, and as the staple and plastic cool, they create a reinforced bridge between the two sections, restoring the plastic part to its original strength. Three heat settings allow you to work on a variety of plastic materials. 3 types of 1/2"-wide stainless steel staples (flat, wave and corner) for wide, tight or corner applications. Wand holds the staple at 45°, 90°, or 180° angles.

Use to repair urethane bumper covers, broken or torn tabs, consoles and dashes, plastic toolboxes, headlamp assemblies and more.

Power input: 110V, Power Output: 20 Watts

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Eastwood Hot Stapler Unit
0.8mm Flat Staples (100)
0.8mm Wave Staples (100)
0.8mm Corner Staples (100)
Heavy-Duty Storage Case


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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this item. Consult instructions for electrical safety warnings. This should only be used by a trained professional who is familiar with plastic repair and electronic equipment.

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13650A Additional Flat Staples (100)
13650B Additional Wave Staples (100)
13650C Additional Corner Staples (100)

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