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  • Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder - MIG, TIG, Stick

Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder - MIG, TIG, Stick

Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder - MIG, TIG, Stick

Item #20489 Brand: Eastwood

30-200 Amp control allows you to weld up to 3/8" steel 220v input
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Multi-Process Welders from Eastwood

Get the Eastwood MP200i and have it all! Different welding techniques are ideal for different metal conditions or experience levels, and someone who does a lot of work on cars needs the ability to switch between them. With this 3-in-one welder, you can MIG, stick or TIG weld all from a single compact, space-saving unit. Users can weld steel and stainless steel up to 3/8-inch thick in MIG welding mode and up to ¼-inch thick in TIG or ARC mode, which is more than enough for most DIY projects. And by adding the optional spool gun kit, you can turn it into an aluminum stick welder or gas arc welder as well. This is a true "one machine does it all" welder!

The Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder Features:

  • One machine does it all! No need to buy and store separate MIG, TIG or stick welders.
  • Weld everything from thin body panels to frames, tubing and heavy plate steel up to: MIG = 3/8", TIG = ¼" and Stick/ARC = ¼"
  • Weld aluminum up to ¼" with the optional Eastwood #20518 Spool Gun Kit.
  • Inverter Technology provides high power in a light, compact unit. Weighs less than 30 lbs. (13 kg.). Power it with a generator and weld anywhere.
  • 30-220 Amp output, 220 volt, 36 Amp input, 50/60 Hz
  • Dual Digital output displays.
  • MIG / Flux Function: The peak amperage is 200 amps with a duty cycle of 20% at the full 200 amps.
  • TIG / Stick Function: The peak amperage is 175 amps with a duty cycle of 30% at 160 amps
  • Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle 3-year warranty
Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder

Easy to Use and Read Display

Weld quick and clean with MIG weld where you do not have shielding gas with Stick or lay dimes on the TIG setting. This machine does it all especially when you add the optional spool gun. 200 amps of inverter power. Efficient power consumption. Usable in 50 and 60hz power. Perfect for generator power. Duty cycle of 20% at 200amps MIG TIG and Stick welding Spool Gun optional Dual Digital display Easy to read and set amperage and wire speed for repeatable welds every time. Spot timer for replicating spot or stitch welds from 0.1 to 10 seconds.

Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder

Advanced Welding Technology

The R&D guys have designed this welder so it has industrial power and strength while being easy to use. The Inverter Technology efficiently allows welding all types of steel and aluminum from thin gauge to heavier pieces with equal ability. It emits up 200 amps of inverter power (175 amps in TIG or ARC mode) with efficient power consumption so you get the most for the least. It's usable in 50Hz and 60Hz power on any 220v circuity. Add in the fact that it weighs less than 30 pounds and the MP200i is perfect for generator power. Part of our family of automatic setting tri-welders, this machine has a duty cycle of 20 percent at 200 amps, which is adequate for most home projects. The Dual Digital display makes it easy to read and set amperage and wire speed for repeatable welds every time. It also has a spot timer for replicating spot or stitch welds from 0.1 to 10 seconds.

Do it All for Less

Our MP200i ARC/TIG/MIG welders have the features you need at a price far below comparable machines. Weld quickly and cleanly with MIG welding, join metal when you don't have shielding gas with stick welds or lay dimes on the TIG setting. We've included torches, welding wire spools and rods, consumables, gas regulars and everything else you need (except for shielding gas) to get started. If you still don't believe this is the best multi-process welder, read the reviews from actual customers and you'll see why Eastwood has been a trusted name since 1978.

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1 – MP200i Welder
1 - Shielding Gas Regulator
1 - Shielding Gas Hose, 4.6’ [1.4m]
1 - Ground Clamp with 10’ [3m] Cable
1 - MIG Torch with 9’ [2.75m] Cable
1 - Electrode Holder with 12.5’ [3.8m] Cable
1 - TIG Torch with 10’ [3m] cable, 14’ [4.3m] Gas Line
1 - #4 Gas Nozzle (1/4”)
1 - #5 Gas Nozzle (5/16”)
1 - #6 Gas Nozzle (3/8”) (Installed)
1 - Short Black Cap (Installed)
1 - Long Black Cap
1 - Collet Body, 1/8” [3.2mm] (Installed)
3 – Collets, 1/16” [1.6mm] (1 - Installed)
1 – 1/16” x 6” Tungsten (Gray)
1 – Welding Wire Spool, 2lb., 0.030” Solid Wire
5 – Welding Rods, 1/8” E6013
1 - Instruction Manual

Spool Gun for welding aluminum is optional and not included.


Output Amperage: 30-200A DC
Power Cord Receptacle Plug: NEMA 6-50R
No Load Voltage: 69V
Rated Input Current: 36A
Input Voltage: 1ph, 220/240 VAC, 60Hz
Rated Duty Cycle: 20%@200 Amps
Weight: 28 lbs. (13 kg.)
Overall Dimensions: 17.7" Long x 9.4" Wide x 13.8" Tall

MIG Welding Wire

Solid: 0.023-0.035" (0.6-0.9mm)
Stainless: 0.023-0.035" (0.6-0.9mm)
Flux Core: 0.030-0.035" (0.8-0.9mm)

Spool Gun Welding Wire

4043 Aluminum: 0.030-0.035" (0.8-0.9mm)

ARC Welding Rods

E6010: 1/16",3/32",1/8" - Polarity: DCEN
E6011: 1/16",3/32",1/8" - Polarity: DCEN
E6013: 1/16",3/32",1/8" - Polarity: DCEN, DCEP
E7014: 1/16",3/32",1/8" - Polarity: DCEN, DCEP
E7018: 1/16",3/32",1/8" - Polarity: DCEP

Duty Cycle

The rated Duty cycle refers to the amount of welding that can be done within an amount of time. The Eastwood MP200i has a duty cycle of 20% at 200 Amps. It is easiest to look at your welding time in blocks of 10 Minutes and the Duty Cycle being a percentage of that 10 Minutes. If welding at 200 Amps with a 20% Duty Cycle, within a 10 Minute block of time you can weld for 2 Minutes with 8 Minutes of cooling for the Welder.

If the Duty Cycle is exceeded, the Welder will automatically shut off, however the fan will continue running to cool the overheated components. When a safe temperature has been reached, the Welder will automatically switch the Welder output back on. To increase the duty cycle you can turn down the Voltage Output control.


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Always wear dry, protective clothing and leather welding gloves and insulated footwear. Use suitable clothing made from durable flame-resistant material to protect your skin. Thoroughly read and understand this manual before using.

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3 Year Warranty

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Eastwood Offers Free Lifetime Technical Support

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Attention California Residents - Proposition 65

Proposition 65 Warning WARNING - Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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