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Eastwood Planishing Hammer and Stand

Item #21270 and 21271

Smooth large areas of metal, welds and gentle panel crowning.
  1. Eastwood Planishing Hammer
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  2. Eastwood Planishing Hammer Stand
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The Planishing Hammer has long been used in metal fabrication and restoration to smooth large areas of metal, welds and gentle panel crowning.

  • 19.63 Inch throat depth
  • Works on up to 18 gauge steel
  • Includes 1", 2", and 3" crown anvils
  • Adjustable hammering intensity
  • Convenient foot operation
  • Optional stand mount or bench mount

The sturdy frame with a generous 19.63” throat depth, is beefy enough to smooth 18-gauge steel! A quick release allows the lower shaft to slide down to accept panels with deep flanges and facilitate fast Anvil changes. The power head adjustment controls the intensity from light to very powerful hammering. A convenient foot control starts and stops the hammer.

The sturdy steel stand is built for the Eastwood Planishing Hammer. Hollow design with 2 plugs that enables you to fill the stand with steel shot sand or other dense material to absorb sound and vibrations.

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Speed: 825 - 1350 Beats per Minute
Operating Pressure: 50 - 90 PSI
Throat Depth: 19.63”
Anvil Crowns: 1”R, 2”R, 3”R
Cam Height Adjustments: 4 Steps


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Always use ANSI approved eye ear and hand protection while using this metal forming tool.

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1 Year Warranty

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