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Eastwood Rubberized Undercoating

Item #16007 Eastwood's Rubberized Undercoating

Protects your car's underside
against rust; reduces road noise
  1. Eastwood Rubberized Undercoating Aerosol 18 oz
    Item #16007Z
    Only $10.99

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  2. EW Rubberized Undercoating 830ml-28oz
    Item #16008ZP
    Only $22.99

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Durable Rubberized Undercoating protects hidden areas of your car against rust.

  • Prevent rust and corrosion
  • Tough, flexible film
  • Reduces road noise
  • Adheres easily to metal and fiberglass

Spray-on a long-lasting, rubberized "shield" between you car's metal and road salt; stands up to the most extreme conditions.

Rubberized Undercoating produces a very tough, yet flexible, film that stays put, and helps prevent road salt from eating away at your car's metal and fiberglass. Excellent adhesion to metal or painted surfaces.

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Choose 18-oz. aerosol or 32-fl.-oz. gun-ready can. The quart contains 28 fluid ounces, Covers up to 14 square feet.


20441 Undercoating Gun
12512 Aerosol Nozzle with 24" Extension Hose


(Q) How do I remove old undercoating material?
(A) Use a heat gun and dull putty knife to scrape-off old undercoat.


Work in a well ventilated area when applying this product. The use of a respirator like our SAS Bandit Respirator (11455 or 11456) is recommended when applying this coating.

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