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Degreasing complex mechanical assemblies such as engines, transmissions, carburetors or even entire engine compartments typically requires the use of a degreasing solvent, brushing and or pressure washing. These methods can be messy and time consuming. Removing carbon and combustion deposits from internal components represents an even greater challenge.

A Soda Blaster is an environmentally friendly technology developed in the mid-80s, primarily for cleaning the Statue of Liberty, a delicate task that required performance without damage. The specially treated baking soda is completely inert and water-soluble.

This same method allows the user to gently and quickly strip away thick grease accumulations, carbon and fuel deposits, old paint and more without damage to precision mechanical assemblies, seals, wiring, and electrical components. It is completely harmless on aluminum components such as pistons and intake manifolds.

Today it is used by car and motorcycle enthusiasts to strip paint without inflicting damage on metal surfaces, glass, chrome, rubber and trim with no need for time-consuming masking. And now, it is also used for cleaning and degreasing parts. Furthermore, the Eastwood Soda Blaster can be converted to a standard pressure blaster in under 15 minutes to remove rust and scale.

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