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Eastwood White Rouge Buffing Compound

Item #32033 Brand: Eastwood

Use our White Rouge Buffing Compound for light cutting action and coloring on most metals
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Use our White Rouge Buffing Compound for light cutting action and coloring on most metals White Rouge removes the scratches left by Stainless or Tripoli compounds, and brings out the true color as it produces a brilliant shine.

Use with Loose Section, Canton Flannel, or untreated mini buffs and felt bobs. Final step before plating.

Primarily a coloring compound, White Rouge produces a brilliant mirror-like finish on all metals as the final step before plating. Easy to use, this high-quality compound is made of the finest materials to produce the best results with minimum waste and effort. Made in the USA.

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(1) White Rouge Buffing Compound


32033 White Rouge – (White) For final coloring on metal. Produces a brilliant high shine. Removes light scratches. Use with Loose or Canton Flannel buff wheels.



Always use the proper safety gear while buffing or polishing.

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