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Eastwood 1 HP 10" Buff Kit

Item #14139 Eastwood 1 HP Buff Kit

The perfect way for an enthusiast to get started!
  1. Eastwood 1 HP Buff Motor Dual Speed
    Item #51460
    Only $199.99

    In stock

  2. Buff Wheel Set Four 10 in Buffs 3/4 Hole
    Item #13130
    Only $36.09

    In stock

  3. Eastwood Compound Set Emery Stainless Tripoli Wht Rouge
    Item #13250
    Only $24.99

    In stock

  4. Eastwood Buff Rake
    Item #13120
    Only $14.99

    In stock



A quality, powerful buff Motor and complete Buff Set is the perfect way for an enthusiast to get started.

The full 1-HP buff motor offers the versatility of 2 speeds (1720/3450 RPM) and features generous 26-1/4" overall length to facilitate buffing large parts or the stacking of multiple buffs. Operates on 115VAC. Also includes a selection of:
  • Buff wheels
  • Compounds
  • Rake

See the Contents tab for a list of all the items included.

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Kit includes:

(1) Eastwood 1 HP Dual Speed Buff Motor
(1) 10 Inch Sisal Buff Wheel
(1) 10 Inch Spiral Buff Wheel
(1) 10 Inch Loose Buff Wheels
(1) 10 inch Canton Buff
(1) 17 Ounce Stainless Buff Compound
(1) 13 Ounce Tripoli Compound
(1) 14 Ounce White Rouge Compound
(1) Buff Rake
Buffing Instructions


Wear appropriate ANSI approved safety eye protection, ANSI approved hearing protection, 14 Inch or longer leather gloves, and ANSI approved respiratory protection.

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