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ElastiWrap® White Lightning

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ElastiWrap® takes removable coatings to a whole new level! Our flexible rubber coating is High Build so you Need Less and resists higher temperatures than similar products.
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You can keep ElastiWrap® on indefinitely or if you’re tired of the color, just peel it off and spray on a different color. That’s right, peel it off. It doesn’t harm the painted or bare surface underneath. In fact, it protects surfaces from UV damage, scratches and corrosion. Spray the high-build rubber coating on an unfinished surface to protect it until it’s ready to paint. Spray it directly on glossy clear coats, paint, unfinished metal and other surfaces for color and protection. The uses are endless for ElastiWrap®.
  • ElastiWrap® is high-build and requires fewer coats than similar products
  • Available in gallons, quarts and aerosols
  • High temp resistant up to 350 degrees F
  • Applies easily with HVLP sprayer, Turbine, roller or brush
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant
  • Easy to touch up
  • Removes easily
  • Intermix Compatibility System – mix colors to create your own shade
  • UV resistant exceeded 500 hours of QUV testing (ASTM D4587)
  • Customize your own color using the Eastwood ElastiWrap® 2-Color Intermix System!

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About ElastiWrap® White Lightning

ElastiWrap® is a unique strippable rubberized coating that can be easily applied over most substrates and can remain in place indefinitely or be removed by simply peeling it off. ElastiWrap’s high build formula requires fewer coats and removes easier than similar products. It’s easy to apply; use a, brush, electric turbine sprayer, HVLP paint gun, or dip. Not only is ElastiWrap® corrosion resistant, it’s UV, scratch and abrasion resistant too, and stable in extreme temperatures up to 350 degrees. Furthermore, ElastiWrap® has its own intermix system, by mixing ElastiWrap® primary colors you can create your own shade.

Eastwood ElastiWrap® 2-Color Intermix System!


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Always wear eye skin and respiratory protection when applying this product. Apply in a well ventilated area away from open flame. Consult Product Information Sheet and MSDS for specific warnings and safety precautions.

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IMPORTANT: Surface must be glossy and waxed to ensure easy removal of coating. See product Information sheet for specific set up and application.

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